Bridging Loans South Africa

Bridging Loans South Africa available from NHF. Apply for a personal loan between R4 000 and R150 000, Other loans include property, business and pension provident. Apply Now!

Bridging Loans South Africa is offering up to R150,000 to the unemployed and blacklisted. No payslip required only your ID and a bank statement.

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Bridging Loans South Africa for blacklisted and self employed people are AVAILABLE NOW!

About Bridging Loans South Africa

Bridging Loans South Africa offer credit up to a maximum amount of R150,000 with very affordable interest rates. Because this is a flexible loan facility, only a 3 months bank statements are needed as well as a copy of the I.D with no need for employment confirmation.A lending concerns offering these loans is First National Bank.

Bridging Loans solutions give peace of mind. New Heights Finance has a bridging loan solution for almost any business or private need. Solutions include personal loans, pension bridging, home sellers bridging, property equity release, purchase order advances, loose asset bridging, Forex service, guarantees, financial instruments, humanitarian funding, grant funding, government incentive schemes, commercial property finance, affordable housing finance, mezzanine finance, structured finance and other financing solutions.

Bridging Loans South Africa

Apply for a personal bridging finance loan if you have funds due to you but you need cash now; business bridging finance to boost cashflow, or release equity in your property when you require funds fast.

Finance bridging can help you to meet personal expenses, provide funding for a project or business undertaking.

What is bridging finance?

Accessing money that is due to you, now rather than later
Advancing money now to take advantage of an opportunity
A short term loan against a confirmed / guaranteed cash inflow expected in the near future

Why use Bridging Finance Facilities?

To convert equity in your property to cash (unlock equity)
To take advantage of opportunities NOW
To pay back debts
“Cash is King”! so you can negotiate better deals with suppliers.
Cash In Hand allows you to take on new deals

Who is eligible?

Individuals who have sold a property, or who have been granted a further bond, or who are awaiting funds from a pension/provident fund payout, RAF claim, or estate agents awaiting commission, or a maturing endowment.

Property bridging facilities are granted to clients that can provide a clearly defined repayment proposal as well as security, which can be used by the lender to recover his loan and interest, should things go wrong.

How to go about it:

We will request relevant information from you to begin the process.

If we can assist you, the final contract, with all relevant costs and conditions, will be sent to you to sign. It normally takes 24-48 hours, from when all loan conditions have been met, for you to get your cash.

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Bridging Loans South Africa – It’s just a matter of getting there.